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Lynnhaven Cheeses Lynnhaven Goat Cheeses have been inspired by our herd of lovely, award winning goats. Driven by a need to make the herd self supporting, a hobby of making cheese for friends and family has grown into a full-time endeavor. 

Our cheeses are available at the markets listed here.  Cheeses are available at the farm by appointment only, as we have a working farm. 
To Order please call (845) 744-6089 or email us at with your order.
Thanks for stopping by...we hope to meet you at one of our markets or at the farm soon.
Lynnhaven Cheese  Cheve Logs   
Traditional Hand-Molded 4 oz Logs $8.00
 Rich and Creamy--available plain or rolled in a variety of herbs and spices.
Varieties: Plain, Rosemary Garlic, Herb, Chives, Garlic Pepper, Six Pepper, Cracked Pepper, Southwest Chipotle, or No Salt (no added sodium of any sort, available only in plain)
Lynnhaven Cheese  Cheve Sampler Packs   
Enjoy Three - 2.5 oz logs. $16.00 
Enjoy One each of our most popular varieties: Rosemary Garlic,
Plain and Herb
Lynnhaven Cheese   Feta
5 oz container  $8.00
A mild, lightly salted feta, much like a French feta.
Available crumbled or blocks in brine
Lynnhaven Cheese Chevree with Orange Honey and Toasted Walnuts  
3.5 oz. container $8.50
Great for breakfast or dessert.
Try some on apple slices, pear slices, toast, croissant, or it is fantastic on a salad with arugula and strawberries, Stuffed French toast will never be the same again once you've tried it with this specialty!
Lynnhaven Cheese Chevre Rolled in Cinnamon and Dried Cranberries
3.5 oz. container $8.50
Turkey will never be the same again!
Luscious on that morning bagel, or excellent accent on a spinach salad.
Lynnhaven Cheese  Chevre with Honey and Lavender
 3.5 oz. $8.50
Try some melted over roasted beets or grilled peaches or poached pears...yummy
Also refreshing on a salad or morning toast.
Lynnhaven Cheese Lemon Chevre layered with Blueberry Preserves
4.5 oz. $8.50
Excellent on pancakes, toast, or in your next crepe!
Lynnhaven Cheese Chevre Torte Layered with Pesto and Roasted Red Peppers      
8 oz. $12.50
Creamy chevre layered with a thin layer of pesto, and topped with roasted red peppers--wonderful over pasta (an instant meal) or as an appetizer for your next party. Layered with a thin layer of pesto, and topped with roasted red peppers--wonderful over pasta (an instant meal) or as an appetizer for your next party.
Lynnhaven Cheese Marinated Chevre Balls       
Average 8.5 oz. $12.50
Chevre hand rolled into balls and marinated in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Herbs, Sun-Dried Tomato
wonderful over pasta or with a crusty baguette....a must for your next get-together!
  Fresh Goat Ricotta     
8 oz.  $9.00
A sweet, light ricotta, made with our wholesome goat milk.
Lovely in pastas or cannoli...try some in your next cheesecake.
Lynnhaven Cheese  Goat Yogurt
8 oz. $4.00
16 oz. $7.50
Our yogurt contains only our fresh goat milk and probiotic culture, never an additive, and never any of the goodness strained out!
Chocolate Truffels
Small $6.00
Large $10.00
Our Chocolate Truffles contain 70% unsalted Chevre mixed with 30% Simi-Sweet chocolate with a touch of Confectioner's Sugar.
Each Truffle is hand rolled in Unsweetened Baker's Chocolate for a touch of delicious holiday chocolate!
Available seasonally
White Chocolate Truffles
Small $6.00
Large $10.00
Our White Chocolate Truffles are simular to our Famous Chocolate Truffles, they contain 70% unsalted Chevre mixed with 30% White Melting Chocolate.
Each Truffle is hand rolled in sweetened Coconut.
***Contains Soy***
Available seasonally
 Lynn Fleming
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Pine Bush, NY  12566

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